A Brief History Of Sheffield

Sheffield is one of my favourite cities in the world. I did a bit of digging and found out a bit more about the place.


Sheffield is situated in South Yorkshire County in the North of England. It was initially settled as an Anglo-Saxon village. The name Sheffield comes from the words ësheafí and ëfeld.í Sheaf refers to the river running through the city while ëfeldí relates to ëfieldí with regards to the establishment of the Anglo-Saxon’s settlement.

The village expanded to a town and with that came poverty and disease. However, Sheffield became a borough in 1843 and with that came better conditions and institutions such as schools, hospitals, and churches.

In 1893, Sheffield was recognized as a city. It is a derivative of a parish town and a market. To this day there are still local daily markets in the city centre, and the cathedral is a sight to behold.


The city quickly became one of Britainís leading industrial cities and its contribution to the very successful steel industry is still recognized. Sheffield has been referred to as ësteel cityí on many occasions.

Since the mid-19th Century, Sheffield has been and still is one of the foremost Steel manufacturers in the world. Most of the steel works were based in the Lower DonValley area at the East end of the city. In spite of the shutting down of a huge number of the steel firms after Word War 2, Sheffield manufactures more steel than ever today. Changes in the market demands and inventions of new technology have kept the industry alive.

Sheffield is not only known for its success in the steel industry but also other industries can trace their success back to Sheffield. For example, small family mills started making secret snuff recipes in the 1800ís and are still going strong today. In 1842, Trebor Bassett, which is a sweet factory started out in Sheffield and is now a market leader. The cutlery industry is another one that sprung off the success of the steel industry in Sheffield.


Sheffield is built on 7 hills, and the water of 5 rivers run through it. It has a population of 500,000+ people. The waterways have played a vital role in the success of Sheffield’s industries. In 1819 Sheffield was linked to a national canal system. The canals were the means of distribution before the introduction of faster transport systems. The waterways play a critical role in Sheffieldís history since the thriving steel industry relied heavily on them.

In not more than 20 years after initial use of the waterways, the railway system was introduced to the city. This hastened manufacture and delivery of products to and from Sheffield.

Sheffield saw the introduction of the first trams in 1873. They were in the form of horse-drawn trams that were replaced by electric trams in 1899. Sheffieldís tram service has continually flourished, and Supertrams were introduced in 1994.


The city of Sheffield is currently full of opportunity for all. The city is undergoing a robust regeneration program and it continues to look more cosmopolitan as the days go by. In the recent years, it was granted England’s sporting city and many famous people have performed here. It also hosts 2 amazing football teams.

Sheffield was the first city to have a football team as well as the first one to have a floodlit match. Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter is currently undergoing massive regeneration with the addition of the National Centre for Popular Music. The city has gained a reputation for its musical accreditation and has produced some well-known artists. Sheffield is one city that has much to aspire to and will most likely remain as one of the most successful cities in the country in the coming years.

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video game benefits

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Lampe-Eco is Born Again!

Hey there! So what is Lampe-Eco all about? Well, I wanted somewhere to write and share information that I think is useful or that I have enjoyed. At the moment I am looking into getting things all set up properly, so even if it looks like not much is happening, it is really – its just behind the scenes work. So check back often and soon you will see that things are looking much better around here! In particular I am looking to upgrade the look and feel of the site so that it matches my personality and style and you know, so it looks great. Ok, so come back again soon, I look forward to seeing you!


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